Stick mobility and what its used for?

Written by Dr Luke Attkins


If you have been to our clinic, then some of you would have noticed these bright orange sticks in the rehabilitation room.  These our mobility sticks and are one of the tools that we currently use to help improve movement. 

Now a bit about these sticks and why we use them.

Mobility is the ability to move.  It’s a combination of flexibility, strength, and motor control. 

For most gym-goers, moving well isn’t important…. Until they can’t.” (Gray Cook FMS)

Stick mobility is a flow or training system that helps with improving mobility, stability, and strength.  The exercises performed with stick mobility combine joint mobilization, strength training and deep fascial stretching to increase an individual’s athletic ability, reduce risks of injury, accelerate recovery, or just improve their overall movement. 
These sticks are a flexible tool that helps with providing leverage to increase range of motion and create overall tension for neuromuscular function and full-body strength. 

Stick Mobility

This type of training can be used everyday as a combination or standalone training program.  We use it stick mobility a patient’s movement, strength, and control for active daily living with any condition that they present with. 

You can implement stick mobility in many other ways including warm up drills before exercise, stretching or submaximal efforts used as a pre-exercise activation.