A.I.M Muscles and Joints
Shailer Park

By Luke Attkins


‘Tis’ the season to be jolly’

The joyous holiday season is truly among us, and with-it shopping centres and households are getting busier and busier. As the year ends, stress levels tend to get higher. There is a natural demand on the body and mind to ensure everything is “done” and “finished”. This means people often forget to slow down and make sure they are doing everything in a safe manner.  This can lead to erratic behaviour and silly injuries occurring around the shopping centre, workplace or even at home with family – a truly “Silly Season” indeed!

For example:

  • Sprain/Strain
  • Muscle tears
  • Fractures
  • Lifting injuries (e.g., Disc bulges, joint irritations etc.)

These injuries aren’t just caused by the chaos that comes before and during the holidays, but afterwards too. The “Silly Season” spans well before Christmas and into the New Year.  Small accidents can happen from being around the kids and trying new activities, being careless whilst having a few drinks, or even when preparing big meals in the kitchen. Taking your time and being safe can reduce your chances of causing an injury and being sidelined during the holidays.

Here are some easy tips to help stay safe and enjoy the silly season:

  • Stay hydrated: don’t overdo the alcohol consumption

We all know that most of us will have a drink or two this season, but with the Australian hot summer weather, staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is crucial (ice cubes in your alcoholic beverage don’t count!)

  • Plan ahead
  • Exercise or stay active

Make sure that family outings and gatherings have some physical activity thrown into the mix. Common activities are backyard cricket, volleyball in the pool, swimming, and going to the park. 

  • Don’t overeat

We all have that tendency to help ourselves to the yummy, delicious food in front of us – particularly those who must travel from one house to the next.  Remember to listen to your body and say a gracious no to food when you’re full. 

  • Book an appointment with your health practitioner

Always look after yourself.  Don’t leave it to the last minute to book an appointment.  Leaving injuries till next year can be troublesome and make things worse. 

So, stay safe this silly season and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.